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Read Your Policy—Know What’s Covered
Read Your Policy—Know What’s Covered

When you purchase insurance, whether for your home, vehicle, or yourself, be sure to fully understand your coverage by reading the entire policy. While all those words might seem daunting at first glance, they are important to read and understand because they provide essential details about what is and isn’t covered, to what extent, and under what circumstances or conditions; and should you file a claim, how much you will be required to pay before the insurance company’s payments commence. Knowing and understanding these important details will give you peace of mind.

Your Insurance Policy is a Contract

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurer, and within the terms of that contract, the insurance company is legally obligated to provide the benefits and services they say they will. In our experience, they do. However, if you don’t read the details, you don’t know exactly what your policy covers and your expectations may not match the coverage you purchased.

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Insurance companies have simplified the language of their contracts so that you should be able to understand the contents. However, as you read your insurance contract, make notes about anything you don’t understand or have questions about, or if your coverage doesn’t seem to include everything you expected. Then, talk to your Murrick Group insurance agent and we will help to clarify anything you don’t understand about your insurance coverage, answer any questions, and make the necessary adjustments if your specific needs or wants are not covered or inadequately covered.

Once you know and understand your insurance coverage, if you encounter a loss, there will be no surprises as to what is and what is not insured.

Call your Murrick Group Insurance agent to ensure you have up-to-date, accurate travel insurance information and the appropriate coverage for your trip.

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