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Compensation for Executives has unique challenges and requires greater diversity. Tax efficiency is an even greater consideration. We’re here to help you tailor an Executive Benefits package that will keep your key people well protected and appropriately compensated.

A great employee can be your competitive advantage. Nowhere else is this more important than with your leaders and management team.

A well-planned Benefits package consists of a wide range of Life, Health, and Retirement Benefits, such as but not limited to:

  • topping up Individual Disability Income
  • Topping up Employee and Dependent Life Insurance
  • Supplementary Employee Retirement Plans
  • Employer-paid administration on investment saving accounts
  • Retiree benefits

The cost of a competitive compensation package pales in comparison to the direct and indirect costs of key employee turnover. To retain your most valuable employees, let us help you benchmark your Plan to ensure you have competitive, tax efficient, comprehensive compensation that’s the right mix.

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