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Good advice. Well given.

Good advice. Well given.

What is a Certified Financial Planner?

The Certified Financial Planner® or CFP® Professional Education Program has defined the financial planning profession since 1972 and has been the basis on which many other financial planning education programs have been developed.

The program is a recognized standard among those who seek the knowledge and skills necessary to objectively assess their clients’ current financial status, identify problem areas, and recommend appropriate actions. In short, the program prepares a practitioner as a highly qualified, comprehensive, client-based financial planner.

Through a study of the financial planning process, advisors learn to respond to each client’s unique financial concerns, addressing them with the most effective financial techniques and solutions. Students also learn to recognize a client’s need for the special skills of other professionals — such as accountants and attorneys — and to coordinate a team of consultants working toward a client’s financial goals and objectives.