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Good advice. Well given.

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Even the most organized life encounters unexpected situations. No matter how well you plan, things happen that nobody could foresee. Fire. Water. Accidents. Illness.

Insurance helps you recover quickly and efficiently when things go wrong. And a good financial plan builds on your insurance protection to prepare you for an enjoyable retirement.

Naturally, you want a financial partner you can rely on. Murrick insurance and financial planning advisors provide comprehensive financial advice and quality products to individuals, families, and business owners. With an integrated planning-based approach, you are able to simplify your complex financial issues through innovative and personalized solutions.

Murrick Financial Services is a group of insurance agencies and financial planners organized under a common philosophy of providing exceptional service and integrity to every customer. Under the Murrick umbrella you’ll a number of companies all dedicated to the same values of service excellence.

With locations across Greater Vancouver and into the Fraser Valley, you are likely to have a Murrick office somewhere nearby. Check our locations listing to find the nearest office.

Under the Murrick umbrella, you’ll find different companies but all dedicated to the same values of service excellence.

Focused on your needs

Murrick companies are independent. By not representing any single investment company, bank or life insurer, you have access to the entire product marketplace, with a full spectrum of financial products that best fit your unique needs.

Sound financial advice backed by outstanding service

With extensive individual experience in the areas of Financial, Retirement and Estate Planning, Business Financial Planning, Employee Group Health & Retirement Programs, you benefit from the collective expertise of Murrick Financial Planning advisors and our support staff.

Helping you define and reach your financial goals

As you move through life’s stages, from raising a family to retirement, starting a new business venture to succession planning, we will be there to guide you.

Let us help you achieve your dreams.

Life doesn’t stand still. Neither do your financial needs.

As the circumstances of your life change, so do your needs. As you upgrade your career, get married, raise a family and ultimately retire, we’re equipped to be alongside every step of the way.


A look at our services

Homeowners Insurance

Protecting your home with the right insurance at the best rates. Learn more

Life Insurance

Making sure your loved ones are looked after in case something ever happens to you. Learn more

Business Insurance

Protecting the various aspects of your business from disaster in case anything ever happens. Learn more

Financial Planning

Helping you prepare for a long and enjoyable retirement with the right financial plan in place. Learn more

Employee Benefits

A good benefits plan keeps employees loyal and motivated, increasing your productivity. Learn more

Auto Insurance

Whether you have one car or a corporate fleet, we’ll help provide you with the best coverage at the lowest cost. Learn more

Travel Insurance

Nothing can spoil a vacation or trip faster than worrying how you’ll pay the medical bills if something goes wrong. Let us help! Learn more

General Insurance

From liability coverage to protecting your specialized needs for everything from events to business challenges, we’ve got you covered. Learn more

Several agencies. One shared philosophy.

At Murrick, it’s all about you. Protecting you. Looking after your financial future. Helping you achieve your dreams. Find a location near you and let’s talk about your needs.

Some of the companies we work with

As independent brokers, we seek out the best option for your unique situation. Here are just some of the companies we look to and work with to provide you with the best financial solutions in Canada.

  • Wawanesa

A vision for your protection

Protecting you, when it matters is the top priority for everyone at all the offices that make up Murrick Financial Services.


Nobody likes to think that something bad can happen to them. But it does happen, thousands of times a day to people all over the nation who thought it couldn’t happen to them. We provide quality insurance protection for personal and business possessions.


The last thing you want is to have your loved ones stuck with even more grief due to overwhelming financial pressures if something were to happen to you. We provide life, disability and critical illness insurance options for individuals and businesses.


A good Comprehensive Plan ensures that you’ll be able to retire comfortably, ready to enjoy all that life after retirement promises. Getting started as early as possible is the key to a solid financial plan that’s easy to implement. Talk to us today!