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Imagine the consequences to your family if something were to happen that would keep you from working. In some cases, specialized treatments for illness can wipe out your life savings.

As brokers, we offer you a complete range of business insurance products. As an independent group, theres no need to recommend one company’s products, so the focus is on your company’s best interest. This means not only selecting the best policy from the myriad of available options, but also supporting you in the handling and settlement of any claims, should you need to make them.

Several Types of Coverage

Learn about some of the options available that can cover you against loss of income or the costs of medical care.

Disability Insurance

Every day, accidents and unexpected illnesses strike people down across the province. What if something were to happen to you that would stop your flow of income? Would your family be able to continue paying the mortgage and other costs of living?

Disability insurance pays a monthly benefit to help replace lost income if you cannot work due to a sickness or injury.

It’s especially important if you are self-employed, as a disability could be financially devastating. If you are an employee with group coverage, you could still need personal Disability insurance to cover areas where the group plan may be lacking.

Critical Illness Insurance

If you are diagnosed with cancer or suffer a heart attack or other serious medical condition, the costs of care, even in Canada where much of our medical service needs are provided for, can be devastating. Cancer drugs can cost many thousands of dollars per dose. Specialized treatments for some illnesses can cripple a family financially.

Critical Illness insurance provides a tax-free lump sum benefit to cover associated costs. You can use the benefit for out-of-country treatment, home nursing care, to cover an extended recuperation period or however you wish.

This can be especially important for small business owners who, because of eligible tax deductions on their home-based business, might have low taxable income. Because Disability Insurance will only pay out a percentage of taxable income, Critical Illness Insurance may be a better choice.

Long-Term Care Insurance

The cost of long-term care for yourself or a family member is expensive and can lead to the loss of your home or life savings.

If illness or failing health prevents you from caring for yourself, you may need to move to a long term care facility or receive comprehensive care at home. But high costs, not covered by government benefits, could be unaffordable or deplete your assets.

Long Term Care insurance can help cover the costs of home care or a long term care residence with tax-free benefits.

Your people are your most important asset.

A good group employee benefits package is one of the best ways to keep your employees and avoid having them work for the competition.

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Philip Lim

I have dealt with Mark and his team for more than 20 years. He takes care of all of my car, house and business insurance needs. His staff is knowledgeable and very helpful in providing the right insurance for my particular situation. I know of many satisfied customers and I am one of them.

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Great service and quote for a condo policy. Quick replies.

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Great service, been in the business forever helping the community. Highly recommend.

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