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Travel is a vital part of everyday life, and much of that travel involves automotive transportation. Make sure you have sufficient coverage whenever you’re on the road. We cover all types of auto insurance, and below we’ve outlined some considerations for choosing the right coverage. Contact us to get your best policy.

Private Vehicles

Do you drive to work? Coverage can change if you’re using your vehicle to go to travel to and from work.

Do New Drivers use your vehicle? This can have an impact on your premiums, but if you aren’t especially covered for new drivers and they get into an accident, you won’t have any coverage at all.

Is it a leased vehicle? Whether the vehicle is owned or leased can make a difference to your coverage.

Vehicle type Motorcycles, trailers, motorhomes and other vehicles require special coverage. Ask your Murrick Group advisor for more information.

Liability Coverage

Are your limits high enough? One of the most important aspects of your automobile insurance in today’s climate is to have sufficient liability coverage.

What if you were responsible for an accident that caused damage to property? The total claims due to property damage can easily amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In today’s climate, where people seek out maximum penalties for relatively minor damage, you can be quickly ruined financially without sufficient liability coverage. Make sure you are properly covered.

Commercial Fleets

Commercial fleets involve coverage for five or more vehicles. These can also include larger vehicles such as trucks, as well as unconventional vehicles like cranes or trailers. Coverage can be complex and you need to ensure that your agent understands the many issues of commercial insurance. We can help you with any size of fleet. Just ask your agent.


Mike Talwar

Very friendly staff try to help any time Sandy is awesome guy ready to help and explains nicely and correctly.

Susie Sue

Always get what I ask for. Reminder calls are also a big plus for me. I do my car, RV and home insurance with them for at least 15 years!

Anthony Chung

We have been dealing with Murrick Insurance Oakridge Vancouver happily for close to 30 years. We appreciate their friendly and knowledgeable staff. In particular, Mr. Mark Hall, the Manager. He always goes an extra mile to safeguard our best interest. We enjoy the peace of mind and we highly recommend them to everybody !

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