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Commercial fleets typically consist of five or more vehicles, including larger vehicles like trucks and unconventional ones like cranes or trailers. Insuring these vehicles can be complicated, and it is important to ensure that your insurance agent understands the many commercial insurance issues. Our team can assist you with insuring any fleet size – ask your agent!

Who qualifies for Commercial Auto Insurance?

Vehicles or trailers for purposes other than pleasure or commuting to work or school are categorized as commercial automobiles.

For instance, contractor’s vans, school buses, flat-deck trailers used to haul cargo, and pizza delivery cars are commercial-use vehicles. A fleet is five or more vehicles registered and/or leased to a single individual or company. If the fleet has 5 to 19 vehicles, the option to enroll in an ICBC Fleet Plan is available, while fleets containing 20 or more vehicles are required to enroll.

What’s Included With Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance typically includes coverage for:

  • Vehicle Damage: Our insurance policies cover physical damage to your fleet’s vehicles, including collisions and other incidents.
  • Liability Coverage: Our fleet protection policy covers physical vehicle damage from collisions and other incidents.
  • Protection for Drivers: Commercial vehicle drivers are covered by insurance for accidents and injuries.

3 Benefits of Having Commercial Auto Insurance

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Commercial auto insurance protects your business vehicles and operations, ensuring financial security during unexpected incidents.
  • Legal Compliance: Commercial auto insurance is mandatory for operating business vehicles to avoid penalties.
  • Peace of Mind: With commercial auto insurance, you can confidently operate your business and be protected in case of accidents or damages.

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Called to get car license plate ideas. Alan Ying is knowledgable and very helpful. He answered all my questions and provided more knowledge about auto insurance. Highly recommend him.

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Sanjeet was very helpful transferring my car registration from Ontario to BC and helped setting up new ICBC insurance.

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