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Insurance Add-ons—What We Recommend

Below are the insurance add-ons that we at the Murrick Group highly recommend. Extra home liability insurance, loss of use auto insurance, cyber insurance, and reduced earthquake deductible insurance are …

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Unexpected Losses—Help When You Need it Most

You no doubt have insurance coverage for your home and contents, whether you live in a single-family house, a suite in a house, townhouse, condominium, or high-rise apartment tower; whether …

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E-Bikes and Bicycles—Insurance Options

Electric bikes, better known as e-bikes, and bicycles of any kind can be a significant investment and deserve to be financially protected with appropriate insurance. Most e-bikes are powered by …

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Material Change—Can Affect Your Insurance

In the insurance world, material change is described as “any change material to the risk and within the control and knowledge of the Insured” or “a substantial and continuing change …

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Travel Medical Insurance—In Our Ever-changing World

After being home-bound for two or more years as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, many Canadians are travelling again, as the restrictions are eased. However, COVID-19 is still prevalent around …

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Short-term Rentals—What You Need to Know

If you own your own home or rental property and are considering or are already renting all or part of it for short periods of time, be sure to purchase …

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Repair & Maintenance—Your Insurance Could Depend Upon It

Your home and/or commercial property are amongst your most valuable and important assets. Updating, upgrading, and maintaining your properties not only protect your investment and make practical sense, but also …

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Liability Coverage Still Needed—Auto Insurance Update

Third-party liability coverage is still an important part of your auto insurance, despite ICBC’s new Enhanced Care, introduced on May 1st of this year. Enhanced Care, the biggest change ICBC …

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Read Your Policy—Know What’s Covered

When you purchase insurance, whether for your home, vehicle, or yourself, be sure to fully understand your coverage by reading the entire policy. While all those words might seem daunting …

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Things Any of Us May Tackle to Prepare For Winter

Our friends at Wawanesa have a list of helpful maintenance items that any homeowner can and should tackle before Winter truly sets in. Please follow this link to learn what the experts …

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Swift service. Pleasant staff. On street parking right in front of the office.

Trishla Devi

This place has very good deals on home insurance please be sure to get a quotation from them if your home or commercial is up for renewal also they are open 7 days awesome for car home commercial insurance.

Harsh Talwar

The best insurance service in town Very friendly and really helpful to give an advise for what is best. A must visit specially sandy a good adviser and will best service.

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