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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Good advice.
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Time spent boating is time well spent. Whether you use your boat for fishing, a fun day of waterskiing or just relaxing and making memories with your family and friends, we’ll help you protect your investment.

Are you covered?

Most personal content policies have some provisions for ownership of common types of watercraft. But there are limitations as to size, usage, horsepower and area of operation.

We’ll help you make sure you know what your policy does cover and find you the right coverage if you need something extra.


Yacht owners have specific insurance needs that are not covered by standard marine insurance policies. We’ll help create a customized policy that provides comprehensive coverage including everything from your crew to international travel.


Whether your existing liability coverage or travel insurance protects you from any watersport activity you’re involved in will depend on a variety of factors. If you’re piloting a boat for a waterskier and something happens, your liability coverage may not be sufficient. Likewise, if you injure someone else as a direct result of your own sports activity, you may be at risk, so let us review your coverage with you.


Sailboat insurance policies are different for every boat owner. There is no “one size fits all” solution to getting you the coverage you need at the best price. We know how to help you find a policy that fits your needs.

Make sure your policy covers you sufficiently for the value of your vessel. Consider also the rigging and any additional items you may have added to improve your boat, like new navigation technology. And keep in mind that coverage can vary depending on who is operating your boat.

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