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Planning your Perfect Future

The only way to ensure the retirement you always dreamed of is to create a comprehensive financial plan. Let us help.

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The Power of Independence

Our independent structure means we aren’t tied to a specific product range. We’ll help you find the best product at the best rates.

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Protecting your loved ones

You never know when disaster can strike. A solid insurance plan gives you peace of mind and protects the people close to you.

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Protecting your Business

From Employee Group Benefits to Key Person Insurance to General Insurance for all your needs, we’ve got you covered with excellence.

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Good advice. Well given.

Murrick Financial Services consists of a number of independent financial services partners focused on serving your needs with a commitment to excellence and personalized service.

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Life is complex. Work, home, travel and your health can bring unexpected surprises. Make sure you’re prepared with the right insurance and financial plan.
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[cs_iconbox icon_shape=”circle” title=”Homeowners Insurance” icon=”fa-home”]Insurance for your home, whether you’re living in it, renting it out or it’s a secondary vacation spot.[/cs_iconbox]
[cs_iconbox icon_shape=”circle” title=”Car Insurance” icon=”fa-car”]Make sure you have the right insurance for your vehicles, at the best rate for your unique needs.[/cs_iconbox]
[cs_iconbox icon_shape=”circle” title=”Business Insurance” icon=”fa-bank”]Protect your business assets with the right insurance, including liability protection.[/cs_iconbox]
[cs_iconbox icon_shape=”circle” title=”Retirement Planning” icon=”fa-calendar-o”]Take the worry out of your financial future with a solid plan designed to give you the retirement you want.[/cs_iconbox]
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[cs_iconbox icon_shape=”circle” title=”Boat Insurance” icon=”fa-anchor”]If you own a watercraft, make sure you have the coverage you need, including vital liability protection.[/cs_iconbox]
[cs_iconbox icon_shape=”circle” title=”Key Person Insurance” icon=”fa-tint”]What would happen to your business if something were to happen to a partner or key executive? We’ll help protect you![/cs_iconbox]
[cs_iconbox icon_shape=”circle” title=”Employee Group Benefits” icon=”fa-user”]One of the best ways to motivate employees to remain loyal and productive is through a great benefits package. Talk to us![/cs_iconbox]
[cs_iconbox icon_shape=”circle” title=”Event Insurance” icon=”fa-birthday-cake”]Whether you’re getting married or holding a special event, make sure you have the right insurance coverage.[/cs_iconbox]
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Offices across Greater Vancouver

Murrick offices are located across Greater Vancouver and into the Fraser Valley. Wherever you are, there’s likely to be an office somewhere nearby. Check out location list to find your nearest location.

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Learn more about Auto Insurance that’s “Good for BC”

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Insurance brokers believe in BC and the future prospects for auto insurance in British Columbia. There’s a lot of confusion and miscommunication about recent reforms to auto insurance. This brochure by the IBABC explains the changes to BC drivers, keeping you informed about what the changes mean to your insurance coverage.
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[cs_button href=”/downloads/IBABC-goodforBC-brochure.pdf” icon=”fa-map-marker” type=”outlined” shape=”square” size=”lg” color=”white” align=”left”]Download Now[/cs_button]

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[cs_piechart type=”icon” percent=”33″ line_width=”12″ title=”Many Canadians are risking it all with NO life insurance” size=”180″ bar_color=”#dd3333″ track_color=”#cccccc” icon=”fa-bolt”]

3 out of every 10 Canadians have no life insurance at all, leaving their families completely unprotected if something were to happen to them (source: TD Insurance). Find out more

[cs_piechart type=”icon” percent=”60″ line_width=”12″ title=”Most Canadians have NO critical illness insurance” size=”180″ bar_color=”#dd3333″ track_color=”#cccccc” icon=”fa-ambulance”]

6 in 10 Canadians do not have critical illness protection to cover their family from the risk of serious illness such as cancer or stroke (source: TD Insurance). Find out more

[cs_piechart type=”icon” percent=”68″ line_width=”12″ title=”Most Canadians have NO financial plan” size=”180″ bar_color=”#dd3333″ track_color=”#cccccc” icon=”fa-money”]

Although many people know financial planning is good for them, fewer than four out of ten Canadians have a financial plan (source: BMO). Find out more

Hey, stuff happens

You never know when disaster might strike. Even the most organized person can end up the victim of someone else’s carelessness, theft or unexpected circumstances. Insurance puts your mind at ease. Learn more about your insurance options.

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Enjoy the retirement you’ve dreamed of

What’s your retirement dream? Exploring exotic locations you’ve always wanted to visit? Taking up new activities and experiences? Or just relaxing with your family? A Comprehensive Plan can make it possible to achieve your dreams. We can help.

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Our Mission

To provide a consistently high standard of service to clients, with integrity and professionalism

To provide innovative planning and quality products

To achieve long-term growth in both existing and new markets

To provide a positive working environment, with a full range of training opportunities, where staff members are motivated to achieve excellence in individual and team performance

To maintain involvement in the community as good corporate citizens

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Planning ahead makes everything easy

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Just like you wouldn’t expect a successful vacation by just heading out with no plan, you can’t expect a successful retirement unless you plan for one. Let us help.

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Wherever you go, there we are

With offices across Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, there’s likely a Murrick advisor somewhere near you. Find the nearest location to experience the finest customer service for your insurance and financial planning needs.

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