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Harsh Talwar

The best insurance service in town Very friendly and really helpful to give an advise for what is best. A must visit specially sandy a good adviser and will best service.

Nick Sterms

I flew all the way to vancouver from Calgary to pickup a truck being gifted to me. I had some issues with my documents and this location was able to deal with them. I am very thankful for that or I would have had to go back to Calgary empty handed. I didn’t get the man’s name that dealt with me but he seemed like he owned the business. He got things done and was very professional. I highly recommend this location.

Jen Cunnings

We had Alan Ying help us and he went above and beyond to help us understand the plan and reminded us of the benefits which we had forgotten about and he in turn helped us to access what we needed. He was an excellent resource! Highly recommend him!!

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