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New ICBC Limits for Underinsured Motorist Protection

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Now available with limits up to $5 million

Underinsured Motorist Protection is part of your ICBC mandatory Basic Autoplan Insurance. This insurance provides up to $1 million coverage in the event that you are injured or killed by the owner or operator of an underinsured vehicle who is at-fault for an accident.

The coverage extends to the following individuals, while driving or traveling in any BC-licenced/Autoplan-insured vehicle, or while walking or cycling:

  • The vehicle owner and any household members
  • Anyone else in that vehicle, either as the driver or a passenger
  • Anyone holding a valid (no suspensions or money owing to ICBC) BC driver’s license, and their household members
  • Anyone named as a lessee on an Autoplan certificate, and their household members
  • The assigned corporate driver of the vehicle

Underinsured Motorist Protection does not cover:

  • Vehicles used as buses, limousines, or taxis; and other vehicles that are exempt from Autoplan insurance
  • Anyone injured or killed in an unlicensed vehicle or in a vehicle that is exempt from Autoplan insurance
  • Anyone operating a vehicle without the consent of the vehicle owner
  • Motor vehicle crashes that cause injuries or death in a jurisdiction where the law does not permit the individual to sue and recover damages
  • Legal action or settlements without ICBC’s written agreement

ICBC’s New Extended Underinsured Motorist Protection

In the past, Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection could be purchased to provide additional $1 million coverage for a total of only $2 million.

As of March 2017, ICBC has started offering coverage limits of up to $5 million per vehicle (including the basic $1 million), in increments of $1 million. Premiums are payable when you renew your ICBC insurance.

For more detailed information about cost, eligibility, and coverage of this new product, please contact your Murrick Insurance Group Agent.


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